Healing Hands

"August rain: the best of the summer gone and the new fall yet born. The odd, uneven time." -Sylvia Plath Today, a day after the worst torrential rain I have ever experienced, I had a much needed chacra alignment by Miami based reiki master, healer, and spiritual astrologer Monica Perez of Mistica Violeta. Aside from her extraordinary healing hands, this amazing woman is hilarious, compassionate and fun. She is a distant cousin, our mothers grew up together, and now our daughters are friends. After our session I to pick her exuberant brain about the nature of the healer/patient relationship. ME: Moni, can you talk about the connection between a healer, their craft and the patient? MP:  "The healer is a guide, a channel that allows you to release your trauma and fear. Through their hands your inner child will begin to heal itself. When you fully open to your healer a sacred communication -- a triangle of light--opens itself up.  With trust in their powers you can establish a connection between your soul and the cosmos, all facilitated by the healer." Me: "So, essentially, this "triangle of light"  is the communication between healer, patient and the cosmos!? MP: "Yes, the healer channels cosmic knowledge and you release your blockages and trauma by trusting in their ability to heal you. And as you release pain, the healer is simultaneously   restoring balance and peace into those vacuums, or scars that old pain created in your soul." Me: In Buddhism those ancestral wounds are called "samskaras," in fact, the English word for "scar" comes from this Sanskrit term. It's fascinating how regardless of religion, healing is healing. MP "Exactly. During my sessions the patient enters a trance like stage where I can push and work through the nadirs." Me: Kindly define this term in your own words. MP: "It's like pushing the door bell when you ring a door. Pushing a nadir connects you with another dimension. For example when you sleep and dream your spirit escapes and breathes-- it releases and restores itself. Essentially, the  healer is mirroring and facilitating that experience." Me: Wow! The ability to heal oneself via a healer should be part of all coneventional medicine. In fact, talk to me about disease, or rather DIS-ease. MP: "When a body is sick it is reflecting what the soul is experiencing - physical ailments is manifestion of unrealized or enprisoned soul. And healers are vital to restoring the balance and well being of a dis-eased body, you cannot do this on your own." ME: It's like traditional shamans in most non Western cultures, it was their job to restore balance in the entire community by channeling the ancestral spirits. In the case of the Amazon the shaman would channel or embody the jaguar via ayahuasca. What tools do you use as a healer? MP: "My hands are my greatest instrument, but I also use aids like Tibetan bowls and the smoke of rue, sage and palo santo which clear space and repel negative energy. I also use magnets to treat people who suffer from attachments to possessions or narcissism." ME: Did you always know you had this gift? MP: "Yes, I am a natural born healer and a spiritual medium like my paternal grandmother. This gift is traditionally passed down in this generational manner." ME: OK, so my family is also from Ecuador and I bet she had a hell of a time as that generation and society frowned upon non conventional, non Church approved practices. MP: "Indeed, while she was an innate healer, traditional Ecuadorian society would no allow her to really practice her craft. It was not accepted and she didn't have the courage to fully develop her capacity. And when a grandmother doesn't develop this gift it jumps one generation to her grand daughter." ME: Well thank goodness that you are here to practice and give everyone you touch this amazing present. I love the concept of ancestral female power handed down from grandmother to granddaughter. I always saw my very Catholic grandmother as a boddistava - an awakened being -more in the Buddist tradition. She meditated (prayed the rosary) twice a day and practiced Ahimsa (non violence) by never ever speaking bad about anyone. Yet she was a devout Catholic. But I digress... What other traditional or philosophies inform your work? MP: "In spiritual work you must always study.  I am inspired by Kabbalah and Buddism. Just because as healer this gift or power is always present does not mean there are no challenges." Me: What challenges your gift? MP: "When you know you have ability to help a patient but they are shut down or blocked. You have to always be open because they may come back to you when they are ready to receive it. A healer is always willing to share their gift. But, if you are not using it properly this power can be taken way.  Women are innately gifted healers, our maternal nature naturally nurtures. Our ability to birth is a collective healing. But in order to heal you need to be grounded with the earth, with our collective mother, Pachamama." ME: Any advice for someone starting on the path to self care? MP: "Know and recognize your inner strength, your warrior spirit. Ask your self, what is your Guerrero (warrior) spirit and connect to it daily. Never connect to fear because it paralyzes you both physically and spriritually. Remember that Energy is Movement and that fear creates rigidity. And your soul wants to flow. Circulating energy creates and thrives.  And stagnant energy produces depleted cells, like cancer. It's like the Dalai Lama said, 'the planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind.' ME: Amen. Contact Monica Pérez for a private session (305) 910-3197 and follow her on IG @misticavioleta_. [caption id="attachment_362" align="alignnone" width="4032"] Me in trance during session. And loving it.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_354" align="alignnone" width="3024"] Beautiful Monica decked out in Onikas wear[/caption]

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