block printing studio in jaipur

to create our block-printed original fabric designs, we travel to rural india to work with a talented team of printers. the textiles come to life in a labor-intensive process that begins with wood blocks. our patterns are meticulously hand-carved into teak blocks by master woodworkers. these blocks are then coated with pigment dye and painstakingly stamped onto hand-dyed fabric by a master artisan, hand block printing each pattern using no rulers or grid. this finely honed skill is normally handed down by a family member, much like the guild system that functioned in the european middle ages.    

the collective process that goes into the creation of each printed fabric helps employ local artisans and secures their rich cultural heritage. this process is the epitome of the fair trade movement that has slowly begun to change the industry and we are proud to be part of this fashion revolution.


andean weavers in ecuador

the cosmology of the highland andean people is best understood through their textiles. weaving, their primary mode of artistic expression, brings them closer to the sacred fibers of life. in their belief system, no separation exists between themselves and the natural world. so their cultural identity is manifested in creating their textiles, and, more specifically, their garments.

we witnessed this firsthand when we met dona ana, pictured above, the elegant 72 year-old matriarch and community healer who runs the weaving cooperative, and her friend of 50 years and master weaver, mama lola. we are very honored to support their artistic community and collaborate with these talented artists.